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Florida Motorcycle Accidents - 200 Riding Tips, Insurance Advice & Practical Suggestions
Learn about how to get the best insurance coverage as a motorcycle rider, become more situationally aware of your environment, avoid the most common mistakes riders make and stay safe on Florida's roads.

Be Truly Prepared to Ride

If you’re serious about your riding education, this book will help you feel more secure about the future. In it, attorney Stephen K. Brooks shares his knowledge about personal injury claims involving motorcycle accidents and insurance litigation so you can be prepared in the case of an accident. It starts here, before you hit the road, so you can have peace of mind and enjoy the ride.

Further, Joe (owner and operator of Joe’s Motorcycle Training, LLC and this website you’re on right now) shares his over 40 years of riding and training experience – a hugely valuable collection of insight for beginners and veteran motorcycle riders alike.

In This Book:

  • What Causes Motorcycle Accidents
  • Why Motorcycle Accidents are Especially Dangerous
  • Types of Injuries Common to Motorcycle Accidents
  • Insurance Coverage Options For Motorcyclists
  • Over 200 Riding Tips
  • What to Do In Case of An Accident

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